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Wednesday 31 January, 16:00 GMT

Payer perspectives on cell and gene therapies: opportunities and challenges

At the 2017 ASH Annual Meeting a wealth of new data on some of the most promising cell and gene therapies in development for oncology and other indications was presented. CAR-Ts in particular are advancing rapidly, with well over 100 products in development. A number of important questions were raised at the meeting:

  • What will the pricing and payment models look like?
  • Will CMS’ recent outcomes-based contract with Novartis for Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel) be adopted (i) by other payers, (ii) for other products, and (iii) outside the US?
  • Value-based pricing is in everyone’s expectations, but which indications have the head-room to allow for higher-cost technologies?
  • How does the value of a CAR-T vary between indications? Will we see price erosion as more products come to market?
  • How do manufacturers need to think about treatment sequencing and combinations during development?
  • How should manufacturers plan for evidence generation when the precise model of reimbursement is uncertain?
  • CAR-Ts in hemato-oncology are grabbing a lot of attention – what will happen in solid tumors and outside of oncology?

In our new webinar series we are calling on leading experts to share their insights with the audience on some of these questions

On 20 December we were joined by Dr Casey Quinn, who works with a team at MIT exploring cell and gene therapy financing models. We discussed what we have learnt from ASH, the US experience with CAR-T reimbursement, and the implications for the market access of cell and gene therapies. If you missed this webinar, please click here to view the recording.

In our next webinar on 31 January, Professor Stephen Palmer from the University of York will join us to discuss his recent work on the assessment of regenerative medicines and cell therapy, and the UK and EU payer perspective on the potential value of these therapies.

These webinars will provide a perspective that spans the clinical and payer landscapes, considers which countries are leading the way in financing cell and gene therapies, and how their approaches can be adopted elsewhere, as well as the implications for the clinical pipeline as the growing number of reimbursed cell and gene therapies strains national budgets.
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