prma tracker™: Analysing the market access landscape

prma tracker™

One of the biggest challenges in ensuring you have the appropriate market access strategy is keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving treatment landscape and dynamic payer thinking. You need a deep understanding of P&R decisions, how payers have attempted to dilute value, and how these perspectives are evolving. This is critical to making the right investment decisions and strategic trade-offs relating to trial design, evidence generation, choice of comparator, and how these choices influence the external perception of value and pricing potential.

How does the prma tracker™ help?

We have developed the prma tracker™ to keep you up to date with the latest regulatory, HTA, and pricing decisions in your therapy area; you have access to visual summaries and essential information at any time from your PC or mobile device.


In addition, our experienced consultants deliver a detailed set of strategic insights and recommendations specifically tailored to your product, to help you identify and address the key challenges and opportunities. Insights and recommendations are updated each month in light of regulatory or HTA decisions, and supported by a call with the team to discuss your thoughts and questions. Insights can include:

Evidence generation
  • Expectations for clinical data
  • Criticisms of approaches to modeling
Market access/commercial perspective
  • Restrictions imposed in terms of eligible population and subgroups
  • Payer/agency interpretations of the treatment landscape
  • Details of any risk-sharing agreements
Implications for your products
  • Product positioning (populations)
  • Comparators/mixed treatment comparisons
  • Need for real-world data
  • Design of future trials.

What does the prma tracker™ deliver?

We populate the prma tracker™ with a detailed summary of the economic and clinical data submitted by the manufacturers of selected competitors, analysis of the HTAs, and outcomes. Then we search for new HTAs and provide:

  • Top-line email alerts covering regulatory, reimbursement/HTA, and pricing decisions for the tracked products, including a summary slide deck
  • Regular strategic updates on P&R and HTA decisions, including in-depth analysis of the submitted evidence and payer feedback, and actionable recommendations for your product
  • Monthly calls with the PRMA Consulting team to discuss your questions and concerns
  • A dashboard showing a cumulative timeline of P&R and HTA decisions
  • An interactive graph of the current price in all countries and change in price over time, including any information on discounts, risk-sharing agreements, and other price factors.

Can the prma tracker™ be adapted to suit my requirements?

The prma tracker™ can be customized to support your needs, including:

  • The countries covered
  • Inclusion/exclusion of pricing data
  • The HTA/P&R agencies tracked
  • Multiple indications within one tracker
  • The scope of tracked products and duration of the tracking.

When should I use the prma tracker™?

The prma tracker™ can be used at any stage in your product’s development, for example during Phase 2 trials to support development of the market access and HTA strategy, or during Phase 3 trials to validate evidence generation plans and market access strategies.

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