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prma navigator™?

Whether you are part of a large multinational corporation or an emerging biotech bringing one of your first products to market, developing HTA submissions is a huge task. Even when writing the submissions is outsourced to an agency, keeping track of multiple workstreams is logistically difficult.

Specific challenges include:

  • Ensuring that the value story remains clear and sufficiently consistent when tailoring or emphasizing particular aspects for different markets
  • Coordinating multiple countries and the agencies writing their HTA submissions
  • Tracking progress and timelines for each country
  • Sharing learnings between affiliates
  • Maximizing the value of market access and HEOR activities such as the value dossier, economic models, value message testing, and market-specific refinements
  • Accessing the most up-to-date versions of supporting documents and alerting colleagues of updates
  • Communication between stakeholders.

How does the prma navigator™ help?

The prma navigator™ is a revolutionary solution to these challenges, helping you to produce and coordinate your HTA submissions, leaving you the time and space to focus on your submission strategy.

Within the prma navigator™, evidence from your value dossiers and other supporting documents is directly mapped to submission templates from the major HTA agencies. All documents are available on the web-based platform and fully accessible (where appropriate). This results in:

  • Faster development of submissions: the initial population of submission templates avoids hours poring over the value dossier; any subsequent updates to your value dossier will be automatically transferred to the HTA submissions in development
  • Increased consistency: the knowledge sharing and local alignment enabled by the prma navigator™ combined with the ability to compare documents supports a single, clear value story, with the flexibility for it to be optimized for individual country submissions
  • Better quality and improved accuracy: by ensuring a single-source of the most up-to-date materials and documents and automatic transfer of changes to all submissions, there is no risk of transcription errors or forgetting to make changes
  • Greater efficiency: because all documents and supporting evidence are in one location, less time is spent emailing links and documents to ensure everyone has up-to-date copies
  • Clear visibility of potential gaps: a central repository highlights unanswered questions in submissions to provide a single, across-the-board view of gaps, allowing them to be identified early and filled more effectively without repetition
  • More efficient project management: the close collaboration eliminates wasted effort with the tracking dashboard making next steps and timelines clear
  • More effective collaboration: users can work together on multiple submissions or even different parts of the same submission in one place, thereby removing issues around version control or repeatedly merging changes
  • Reduced risk: by highlighting gaps in supporting evidence early on, which can operate in combination with the PRMA healthcheck™, there is less risk of project overruns caused by unexpected or unknown HTA requirements.

Who does the prma navigator™ help?

The prma navigator™ is designed for global, regional and affiliate market access and HEOR teams. You may also benefit from granting access to vendors who are developing HTA submissions for you.
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